Various Artists
  Chill On Ice

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Chill On Ice
Cat. Nr.: CLCD01
Release Date: 01-11-2004
Format: CD
Style: Chill Out / Trip Hop / Ambient / Dub
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:�
Cosmicleaf records present her debut compilation that would be a friendly companion for the winter.A multimood and multistyle chill out compilation with soundscapes from the lands of Greece, Israel, Australia, Serbia and Montenegro.

A peaceful sound environment for keeping you warm the cold nights of winter and travelling your thoughts under the rustle of leaves.
  1. Mlt – Sardonia
  2. D. Batistatos – In The Bottom Of The Ocean
  3. Zero Cult – If
  4. Cydelix – Whisper
  5. Random Designers vs Arcane Trickster – Golden Triangle (Edit)
  6. Side Liner - Next Page
  7. Zero Cult - P-Ray
  8. Omegahertz – Nostos (Vocal Edition)
  9. Goasia – Nature
  10. Outer Heaven – Undo The Future�