Everything Ends

Artist: Unhappiness
Title: Everything Ends
Cat. Nr.: CLCD110DG
Release Date: 06-04-2015
Format: Digital
Style: Chill Out / Trip Hop / Ambient / Dub
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Unhapiness aka Sword XL from spain delivers a colorful bouquet of sounds and beats on Cosmicleaf. A good amount of glitch and experimentation gives this album a very pleasing edge, without ever spoiling the overall harmony of the arrangements. The groovy beats have a distinct hip-hop influence. The atmospheres are dreamy and sometimes even a bit trippy. Some tracks have an retro vibe and some take you back to the golden era of trip-hop. This is original music that will catch your attention and take it to unexpected places.

  1. Private Stash
  2. Daily Reflections
  3. Heartless†
  4. Four Twenty
  5. Everything Ends
  6. Two Thousand Nine
  7. Morning Beat
  8. Daydream