Kerensa Stephens

  Kerensa Stephens

Dunedin, New Zealand based singer songwriter Kerensa Stephens has enjoyed a long and exciting artistic career. In her early life, Kerensa focused on dance, with music as a secondary practice; the 90's reversed this. Initially she sang in experimental rock bands, such as Children's Television Workshop and Waste The Earth. This underground arty exposure suited and helped her develop a lyrical, poetic writing style.

Then the colourful, wondrous world of the Rave dance scene swept through the New Zealand countryside and Kerensa found herself singing with a local electronic composer ecophonik. From within the Eudaemony Tribe, they developed a strong and extensive set which saw them invited to play a number of larger festivals in NZ, notably Canaan Downs Festival, Parihaka, Kaikoura Roots Festival, Soundsplash and Dunedin Mid-Winter Solstice Party.

Throughout the decade this was taking place, Kerensa met Auckland based electronica luminary Michael Westcot aka Terra Nine. She wrote a number of songs for two of his fabulous and well-received albums, Streamofconsciousness and Breathe. They toured in Europe, playing at the Hadra Festival in France and Full Moon Festival in Germany and in New Zealand at Prana Festival.

From then on Kerensa expanded her collaborative relationships, writing and singing for Cosmicleaf artists Side Liner [Dreamstealers, Dreamer] and Zero Cult [Vacuum, Pop Insanity], Lemonchill based in Israel, Tempest Chill's Red Eye Express in Melbourne, Oamaru based Jac Grenfell, Dunedin based laughin' gas and master producer, Forbes Williams. Recently, Kerensa has been writing songs to Moscow based Sensorica's music that she has been performing live locally. As Aviatrix she composes electronica and enjoys melding blues and jazzy tones with experimental sometimes filmic soundscapes.

Aviatrix continues to write and expand, dream and dance, sing and produce original songs across diverse genres from Lounge, to drum & base, ambient techno, trance aria, dub, psysoul, gypsy folk and psybient.

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