Minoru is the other musical face of trance old-stager Olaf Gretzmacher, the man behind the legendary GMO project who has already successfully released three album works with well known labels like Millennium Records.

He is born in 1973 in Germany and grew up in a musical family, piano lessons from the age of 4 to 16, starting DJing + producing music in 1995, 2001 first album with GMO" "Einblick" / Nova Tekk. 2004 second GMO album "Groovy day" / Yellow Sunshine Explosion. 2007 he released his so far last album under the name GMO also on YSE. 2009 he changed the style and the name and relesed his first Minoru album on IONO Music.

Minuro is the Japanese word for "seed" or "naked truth". Therefore Olaf consequently bounded his music on the constituents of modern electronic music - you will listen to decent but driving basslines, warm melodies combined with tricky sound details, constructed in tidy arrangements. Minoru's music is based on Olaf's musical education and his mellowed technical skills. His debut album is a collection of 10 warm and intelligent tracks, presented as modern electro and techno grooves, but never forgetting his roots in trance. Influenced by GMO's unique defined style, this amazing album can be either enjoyed at home or on the misty-eyed progressive trance floor. With no doubt Minoru will be your swinging companion for a long time.

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