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somewhere between ambient | chillout | downtempo
a musician, producer, dj & photographer from kassel, germany is looking for inner peace and silence in a hectic world | he likes to travel through the world and through the inner universe | the result of these journeys converted into music can be described as a relaxed | floating | calm | astral | atmospheric | deep | healing | refreshing | experimental | liquid | psychedelic | cinematic | peaceful | soothing | light | tranquil | listening experience.
 Since 2010 Der Waldläufer has now released 4 albums and he appeared on many
compilations like Café del Mar, Klassik Lounge Nightflight, Le café abstrait, World Chill-
Lounge, Cool off Chillout, Autumn Time, Spring Chill and many more. In his productions
always the relaxation of body and mind stays in the focus. He lays out sound carpets and creats mesmerizing soundscapes, he fills spaces and makes the soul vibrate. In harmony with his inner feelings he tells his impressions with the help of music and paints pictures with the colors of sound. His organic music always should be a counterpoint to hectic, work & stress. You can say that his music is the result from the finding of inner peace and tranquility. This process is always accompanied by the dialogue between nature and technology, which creatively affects him while producing. Der Waldl�ufer would like to take �the people on a trip to soundscapes, where it is possible to slow down the everyday life.

2010 Competely Near & Far Away
2013 Wanderlust
2015 Nateace
2017 Fluidum


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