Thusgaard & Bierlich

  Thusgaard & Bierlich

The act " Thusgaard & Bierlich " consists of Oliver Bierlich Nonell and Gitte Thusgaard Hansen. The duo was created 2 years ago when they started their relationship and shared residence.†

They now present their debut album "Subway Mansion".

Oliver has a long background as a producer on numerous labels.he is mainly knowm He is the man behind the project "†Reefer Decree" which was the first name to release on the danish label Iboga Records back in 1999.† He is also know from other Projects , being the half of the trance project "Ambush ",† "Oryx" , as well as also the chill project "Oliver Jones" .†
† This has taken Oliver countless places around the world perfoming live and Dj sets over the last 2 decades.

Gitte started producing 10 years ago with a good friend†Claus Sigesmundsen†, creating the duo "Kill The geek" which recently released their debut album " Twin flames" on Cosmicleaf Records.†
†They have numerous releases following the interest of the album,† with singles and compilation releases on Cosmicleaf Rec. as well as on other labels f. ex Blue Tunes rec.†

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