Artist: Triptone
Title: Hope
Cat. Nr.: CLCD080DG
Release Date: 30-06-2014
Format: Digital
Style: #TripHop #WorldMusic #IndieElectronic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Triptone's debut album, Hope, shows us the more instrumental and vocal side of talented artist Kick Bong. With vocals by himself and other collaborating artists, Franck Jousselin creates a very unique universe of sound and melody that just makes you chill and mellow out. The combination of chill beats and arrangements with sensual trip-hop vibes is delightful.

  1. All the time
  2. What's up in this world
  3. Let me be free (feat June Caravel)
  4. Inner vision
  5. Magical sense†
  6. Moment†(feat Sandman)
  7. Hope
  8. What's up in your head
  9. Big energy (feat Deborah Zloto)
  10. Fucking thought
  11. Incense (feat Sandman)

Written, recorded, mixed and produced by : Franck Jousselin.†

Except :†
Incense, Moment and Inner vision : Lyrics : Sandman.†
Big energy : Lyric : Déborah Zloto.†
Let me be free : Lyric : June Caravel.†
WhatĘs up in your head : Franck Jousselin and strings arrangements by Romy Valalik.†
Vocal editing by Romy Valalik except tracks 3 and 9 by Franck Jousselin.


Franck Jousselin : Vocal, bass, drums, percussions, keyboard, synth and programming.†
Romy Valalik : Bass, Key and backing vocal.†
Featuring :†
June Caravel : Vocal and backing vocal.†
Déborah Zloto : Vocal and Backing vocal.†
Sandman : Vocal, backing vocal and guitar.†

Mastered by Charles Michaud at Préférence Mastering.

Photo : Fanny Noin