Stimulus Timbre
  Ambient Pathways

Artist: Stimulus Timbre
Title: Ambient Pathways
Cat. Nr.: CLCD118DG
Release Date: 25-05-2015
Format: Digital
Style: #TripHop #WorldMusic #IndieElectronic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Addictive grooves layered with broad syncopating chords, telling stories of love and hope. Soaring melodies that lift you high above the clouds, piercing through the sky. Stimulus Timbre's music is familiar yet somehow universal, it's natural yet somehow deeply addictive. Play this anywhere, anytime, and let the chill IN!

  1. Ambient Pathways [Part 1]
  2. Ambient Pathways [Part 2]
  3. Ambient Pathways [Part 3]
  4. Ambient Pathways [Part 4]
  5. Ambient Pathways [Part 5]