Artist: Eguana
Title: Sun
Cat. Nr.: CLCD131DG
Release Date: 12-10-2015
Format: Digital
Style: #TripHop #WorldMusic #IndieElectronic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Eguana delivers another refreshing EP on Cosmicleaf, mixing his well-known superchilled vibes with the sweet voice of an angel. The combination is very pleasant, the female vocals add powerful mystical energy to the ensemble, elevating the listener to blissful states. The arrangements blend the elements together perfectly, leaving enough space for instrumental and vocal parts to breathe and dance together. Very nice relaxing music for any place or time.

  1. Eguana - sun
  2. Eguana - Sun (Ambient Version)
  3. Eguana & Germind - Sun (Apocalypse Version)
  4. Eguana - Sun (Germind Ambient Version)
  5. Eguana & Opii - Sun (Sky Blue Version)
  6. Eguana - Sun (Without Vocals)

Солнышко, ясное, выгляни из-за тучки
Дай мне воздуха на грудь мою тугую
Дай дождя целебного так что-бы смерть моя, да не узнала бы меня.
Я сегодня буду в поле ночевать
Пусть зеленая трава станет мне кровать
И ветер шумный будет волосы трепать
Да ночкой темной не догнать меня, не догнать, да не догнати, не догнати.
Сестры спрячутся, братья сыщутся, мать уйдет в поля искать меня, я не путевая
Птицей соколом, зверем робким убегу, я улечу неведомо куда, куда....

Sun shining through the clouds Lean out†
Give me air on my bosom is taut†
Give rain-healing so would my death, but would not have known me.†
Today I'll spend the night in a field†
Let, green grass, me will be bed †
And the wind noisy will be hair scutch
dark night did not catch up me, not catch up, but do not catch up, did not catch up.†
Sisters will hide brothers will be found, the mother will go into the field to look for me, but I was not good†
Falcon bird, animal timid run away, I'll fly away to God knows where, where ....

Special thanks to everyone who participated:
Aygel Gaysina (vocals)
Michael Glukhov "Germind" (participation in the collaboration track)
Vladislav Kostko "Opii" (participation in the collaboration track)
Nick Miamis "Side Liner" (for advice in mixing)
As well as the many friends who helped with a kind word.