Kick Bong & Unhappiness

Artist: Kick Bong
Artist: Unhappiness
Title: Slowly
Cat. Nr.: CLCD158DG
Release Date: 16-06-2016
Format: Digital
Style: Chill Out / Trip Hop / Ambient / Dub
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Kick Bong and Unhappiness, two of Cosmicleaf's finest, team up for a chill-tastic EP. Kick-Bong's deep melancholic vibe blends well with Unhappiness's fresh relaxation grooves. The result is a small collection of tracks that take the listener on a laid-back yet somehow intense journey through modern chillout. Ying and Yang for your soundsystem.

  1. Kick Bong and Unhappiness- Why Are So Many People Unhappy
  2. Kick Bong and Unhappiness - Kiss me†
  3. Unhappiness - City Of Dreams (Kick Bong remix )
  4. Kick Bong - The Mysterious Things (Unhappiness remix)