Kerensa Stephens

Artist: Kerensa Stephens
Title: Aviatrix
Cat. Nr.: CLCD178DG
Release Date: 12-01-2017
Format: Digital
Style: #TripHop #WorldMusic #IndieElectronic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Kerensa Stephens is a vocalist, lyricist and composer from the south of New Zealand. With a lifetime of artistic exploration from dance to music and multimedia production, she brings to her music an emotional poetics and to her lyrics, a worldly awareness.
    Aviatrix, evokes the invitation to lift off and let go, to be drawn into a journey through time and place and magic using inventive as well as classical vocal techniques. This collection draws upon elemental notions of water, sun, breath, starlight, flight, dreams.
    The fluidity of music, the surprising multivariance, the trust, the 
inspiration, the imaginative force; the all encompassing strength and 
belief in the power of music to transform is what drives Aviatrix.

“She¢s an all round Ginger Goddess” (Lady D)

Enjoy this selection, there is more to come...

  1. Kerensa Stephens - Sunshine Daze
  2. Kerensa Stephens feat Zero Cult - Rain
  3. Kerensa Stephens feat Side Liner - Dreamer
  4. Kerensa Stephens feat Zero Cult - Together Love
  5. Kerensa Stephens feat Side Liner - That Beautiful Somewhere
  6. Kerensa Stephens feat Zero Cult - Second Breath (Vocal Radio Mix )
  7. Kerensa Stephens feat Side Liner - I Am A Bird Now
  8. Kerensa Stephens feat Zero Cult - Stars (Smooth Jazz mix)
  9. Kerensa Stephens feat Side Liner - Blindfolded
  10. Kerensa Stephens feat Zero Cult - Face in the Mirror (80's mix)
  11. Kerensa Stephens feat Side Liner - Dream Stealers
Cover photo credit: Fly By Media

Special thanks and love for all the support and encouragement to : My 
family, especially to my sons Connor and Paris for hearing endless 
rounds of Aviatrix and being forthright and clear with their opinions 
and feelings; Laurie for feeding me body and soul, My girlfriends, 
especially, Megan, Caro, Louise, Michelle, Nikki, Brigid and Andrea for 
always lifting me up into the flowing currents, coming to and helping 
create my gigs. Thanks too to Fly by Media for awesome photos. Also, 
Cosmicleaf, Nick Miamis, Emil Ilyayev, Forbes Williams, and Damiano 
Verna for believing in and working with my creative voice.