Metadreams, Pt. 3

Artist: In'R'Voice
Title: Metadreams, Pt. 3
Cat. Nr.: CLCD202DG
Release Date: 03-08-2017
Format: Digital
Style: #TripHop #WorldMusic #IndieElectronic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Part 3 of In-R-Voice's Metadreams album-series is ready for your listening pleasure on Cosmicleaf Records. Like a dream within a dream, let yourself drift inwards, into the endless depths of the cosmic soul. With his cinematic sense for creating mesmerizing ambient worlds full of light and wonder, underlined by balanced beats and gentle grooves, this album deserves a cozy place in your secret ambient vault.

  1. Doubt Exorsism
  2. Forest Creator
  3. Tranquility
  4. You Are Too Far
  5. See You In Another Life
  6. Way Out To Happiness
  7. Out Here
  8. Inner Voice
  9. Spiral Esoterics (feat.Dizzy Drummer)

Back Scene Track Stories :

"Inner Voice" was recorded in the year 2000 with the instruments connected at the construction site. There were no computers or sequencers involved - one synth, a dj mixer and two DAT decks. One layer was recorded on dat, then while in playback, was recorded to a second deck mixed with a new layer played live with improvisation. Then the recorded Dat would play already two layers, and mixed with the synth would record on a second DAT again. So layer by layer this track was created. No programming, no sequencing.

"Spiral Esoterics" was recorded at 1999 with just one plugin called Re-Birth, with no sequencing, just improvisation. Dizzy Drummer (a lady-percussionist) was playing live drums, without knowing what comes next in the track. The hole track is 100% improvisational.
"Out Here"†was similar improvisational track, altho it was sequenced after the recorded parts. The vocals were recorded when Anomi was practicing vocals, and she didn't know she was recorded by In-R-Voice, so when the track was ready, her vocals in the track was an absolute surprise!†