Side Liner & Aviron
  Out Of Town

Artist: Side Liner
Artist: Aviron
Title: Out Of Town
Cat. Nr.: CLCD145DG
Release Date: 03-03-2016
Format: Digital
Style: Chill Trance / Downtempo
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Cosmicleaf presents this much anticipated collaboration album by Side Liner & Aviron. With outstanding production quality and a deep sens of power and energy, it's the right stuff for this years big chill soundsystems and beyond. The beats are tight, with just the right amount of pressure and groove. The melodies are epic and blissful as can be expected from these two greek wizards. There's plenty of sparkle and chrome here to keep your ears busy and content. Turn it up and get ready to be buzzed right out of town.

  1. Side Liner & Aviron - Pushing The Wrong Button
  2. Side Liner & Aviron - †Emotronica
  3. Side Liner & Aviron - Forget Past
  4. Side Liner & Aviron - No Borders
  5. Side Liner & Aviron - †Off Road
  6. Side Liner & Aviron - †Out of Town
  7. Side Liner & Aviron - †Story of a Shadow
  8. Side Liner & Aviron - †Analogue Paralogue
  9. Side Liner & Aviron - †Last Sun