Behind Closed Curtains

Artist: Dense
Title: Behind Closed Curtains
Cat. Nr.: CLCD160DG
Release Date: 21-07-2016
Format: Digital
Style: #Downtempo #ChillTrance #ProgressiveChill
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:†
Attention all ! Dense's new album on Cosmicleaf Records has entered earth's atmosphere. Prepare for a full-scale invasion of funky chill-prog. Dense takes a step away from the beaten path with this one, puting his productions on a slightly different orbit than you would expect from him. There's still plenty of the usual deep crunchy vibe, but the energy is more outgoing and less introspective. The result is a perfect multipurpose soundtrack for traveling, partying or laying on the beach.

  1. Bells Of Freedom (100BPM)
  2. Behind Closed Curtains (120BPM)
  3. My Wish (120BPM)
  4. Time And Space (120BPM)
  5. Fading Life (120BPM)
  6. Praia Do Dia (122BPM)
  7. Finally (120BPM)
  8. Bush Medicine (100BPM)
  9. Night Shift (100BPM)
  10. Whispering Sands (100BPM)†