GMO & Dense

Artist: GMO
Artist: Dense
Title: Distances
Cat. Nr.: CLCD200DG
Release Date: 06-07-2017
Format: Digital
Style: #Downtempo #ChillTrance #ProgressiveChill
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
When two excellent projects like GMO & Dense unite, it means a strong music alloy. After a long period of productivy for their individual projects, were working silent on background for their third album as duo, called Distances. Smooth instrumental elements, deep vibes and ambient feelings, dance all together eliminating distances between listener and his dreams. Enjoy!

  1. Star Glider
  2. Summer Breeze
  3. Holmes
  4. Forest
  5. Space Melter
  6. Ink
  7. Back Eye
  8. Jumping Mission
  9. Into A New Dimension