It's Time

Artist: Omel
Title: It's Time
Cat. Nr.: CLC227DG
Release Date: 19-04-2018
Format: Digital
Style: #Downtempo #ChillTrance #ProgressiveChill
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Proudly we invite all progressive chillers to check this debut album from our new artist from Switzerland, Omel.
†Ranging from 95 to 125 bpm, Omel includes all the proper progressive energy polished with sweet chill and trance riffs.†
†This progressive chill album cooks a fine blend of groovy morning & night beats, chilling atmospheres in a unique style, that undoubtly listeners will love easy.
Music that is danceable, festival friendly, delivering a calm flow which can work also as backround soundtrack. Enjoy!

  1. Atmo Chill†
  2. Tam Tam`s†
  3. Meet ‘he Õature
  4. Groove Hypnotised
  5. The Ultimate Strong Force
  6. Kenawa Backflash
  7. Paraglied
  8. Touched
  9. Last Hippy Standing
  10. It`s ‘ime

Cover Art: Omel

Credits: Thanks to my wife, my children, my mother, my sister, my dad in heaven, Mirco Esposito, Giovanni Baroni (mysticalpics) and Cosmicleaf and all i forgott.†
Mixing: Mirco Esposito
Mastering: Cydelix†