A Long Night is Coming

Artist: TonyModi
Title: A Long Night is Coming
Cat. Nr.: CLCD150DG
Release Date: 07-04-2016
Format: Digital
Style: #InstrumentalHipHop #lofibeats #studybeats
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
With his laid-back old-school trip-hop style, TonyModi lays down a fine new release on Cosmicleaf Records. Adding a refreshing funky note to the Cosmicleaf catalogue, TonyModi plays with his urban swung-out beats under smooth instrumental loops and the occasional vocal. Classy.. Suit-up and chill out.

  1. A long night is coming
  2. Finding the sunshine
  3. Fire in my heart (feat. Semper Fi)
  4. The story-teller
  5. The summer gone
  6. No reason
  7. Looking for truth
  8. Business spirit
  9. From the window
  10. Food for soul
  11. Chemical experiment nr 1
  12. A wonderful nightmare
  13. Chemical experiment nr 2
  14. Trip Hop Fort Rêveur
  15. Space wake up