Forms Of Water

Artist: I-One
Title: Forms Of Water
Cat. Nr.: CLCD278DG
Release Date: 26-06-2019
Format: Digital
Style: #Meditation #Relaxation #NewAge #Ambient
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Forms of water is the fifth album of I-One (Ivan Jasek). It flows on noticably more expressive waves than the recent two meditative ambient albums Ionosphere (ForSageOne 2016) and Singularity (Liquid Sound Design 2018).
The music wonderfully reflects the changes of mood and emotions as an imagination of all forms of water. The rich instrumentation is intertwined with field recordings of sea, storm, rain, waterfalls, rivers, water drops and other nature sounds.
These 52 minutes of musical water transformation let you easily forget about your everyday thoughts and duties while you immerse yourself deeper into the beauty of the life giving element.
  1. Mist Over the Lake    
  2. Drop                        
  3. Caves                      
  4. Waterfalls                
  5. Water Springs            
  6. Living Element       
  7. Raining                  
  8. Ocean     

All tracks written, arranged and performed by I-One in ForSageOne studio (Czech Republic)
Contributors: Edgar Mojdl: Duduk (Cz), Barus Vida (recordings from Amazonia)

Mastering by Ondrej Grzegorz (Studio Attraktor.fi 2018). 
Cover design: David Valiasek

Special thanks to all friends and fans for their support when conceiving this record.