Gregory Paul Mineeff & Zero Cult
  Catatonia Live Improvisation

Artist: Gregory Paul Mineeff
Artist: Zero Cult
Title: Catatonia Live Improvisation
Cat. Nr.: CLCD353DG
Release Date: 07-02-2020
Format: Digital
Style: #Neoclassical #Piano #Cinematic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Multi-instrumentalist Gregory Paul Mineeff improvised this live recording of one of the wonderful anthems of Zero Cult, Catatonia. Beautifully performed and live recorded with all the aftertouch and surrounding sounds on a Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand Piano. The piece is a gently flowing daydreaming story with microdoses of nostalgia and sparkles of happiness.

  1. Catatonia Live Improvisation

Cover by Cosmicleaf
Photo by Gregory Paul Mineeff
Mastering by Cosmicleaf