Zero Cult & Side Liner
  Travel to Jaffna

Artist: Zero Cult
Artist: Side Liner
Title: Travel to Jaffna
Cat. Nr.: CLCD515DG
Release Date: 04-06-2021
Format: Digital
Style: #Psychill #Psybient #Psybass #Psydub
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Working closely together since 2004, Zero Cult and Side Liner in early periods had remix each other, and Universal Flow was their first and only collaboration so far, today they teamed up and deliver you their brand new psychill music, Travel To Jaffna. Along with a remastered version of Universal Flow. A psychedelic downtempo with the opportunity of their forthcoming gig in Shankra Festival 2022 in Sri Lanka.†

  1. Travel To Jaffna
  2. Universal Flow (2021 Remastered)

Cover by Liam Weise
Mastering by Cosmicleaf