Side Liner
  Human Recycle

Artist: Side Liner
Title: Human Recycle
Cat. Nr.: CLCD024DG
Release Date: 17-06-2010
Format: Digital
Style: #Psychill #Psybient #Psybass #Psydub
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:

A soundtrack of the future, where nature will try to save human kind.

Human recycle.
Dream or nightmare?
Days, months and years have passed away...
Human kind tried in various ways to protect nature from fading out forever.
And they succeeded against all predictions and scary scenarios!
In another time , of increased disasters and human confusion brought on by an out of balanced ecosystem, human kind came ever closer to fading out...
Against known beliefs that nature was a pyramid with humans on top,
All of nature rallied to keep †all those that where responsible for her from fading out.
Proving that the ecosystem is a circle where all sit on top.

Humans are still trying to understand the deep unknown procedures of life's beginnings.
Humanity is reborn from Nature!

Ecosystem balanced.
Nature knows the importance of her ingredients.
Will human kind keep that gene?
Or, will they repeat the mistake?
Life in circles?
Or better, life means Recycle?

  1. Retro Future
  2. Footprints (with Kanc Cover)
  3. Human Recycle
  4. Deep Hurt
  5. Fading Out
  6. The Sorrow Of Staying Silent
  7. The Everything Of Nothing
  8. Flower Power (remix for Kick Bong)
  9. En larmes (remix for Lemonchill)
  10. Futuristic Hope
  11. Fruska Gora (with Sunhize)
  12. Human Recycle (album mixed by Side Liner)