Side Liner
  I Am A Bird Now

Artist: Side Liner
Title: I Am A Bird Now
Cat. Nr.: CLCD051DG
Release Date: 19-10-2012
Format: Digital
Style: #Psychill #Psybient #Psybass #Psydub
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release Info:

Side Liner returns with his 9th studio album, a mixture of ambient chill and trance electronica with †ethereal vocal touches by Kerensa Stephens,singing the deep in meaning lyrics of artist Stacey Geyer . Euphoric with melancholic atmospheres, solid grooves and bass lines under the trademark style of Side Liner.Including a remix from chill out German producer Daniel Voss aka Five Seasons from Lemongrassmusic and remixing the Russian trance producer Sensorica from Tranceport.


  1. Side Liner - A Hand To Hold (Five Seasons Remix)
  2. Side Liner - That Beautiful Somewhere (feat. Kerensa Stephens)
  3. Side Liner - Lungs of Life
  4. Side Liner - Dreamer (feat. Kerensa Stephens)
  5. Side Liner - Exposed Nest
  6. Side Liner - I Am A Bird Now (feat. Kerensa Stephens)
  7. Sensorica - Spherical Pi (Side Liner remix)
  8. Side Liner - Yesterday Is Gone
  9. Side Liner - No More Broken Wings
  10. Side Liner - That Beautiful Somewhere (Instrumental mix)
  11. Side Liner - I Am A Bird Now (Album Continuous Dj Mix)

Stacey Geyer †[That Beautiful Somewhere,Dreamer]
Stacey Geyer/Kerensa Stephens [I Am A Bird Now]

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