Relaxation Algorithm

Artist: Germind
Title: Relaxation Algorithm
Cat. Nr.: CLCD177DG
Release Date: 12-01-2017
Format: Digital
Style: #Psychill #Psybient #Psybass #Psydub
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Hook up your neurons to this exquisite new album by Germind, one of Cosmicleaf's finest chillers, and let the frequencies of blissful relaxation flow through you. This is zero-gravity electronic music for those introspective, creative moments. Soothing for the mind, yet deeply focussing. Precise and futuristic, yet harmonious and natural to the ear. Germind clearly knows a few secrets about the mystical algorithms of sound for a peaceful, vigilant mind.

  1. Germind - Perfection of depth
  2. Germind - Beads from memories
  3. Germind - Back to the roots
  4. Germind - Relaxation algorithm
  5. Germind - Rules of forest mysteries
  6. Germind - Unique moments
  7. Germind - Veil of repeat
  8. Germind - Invention of proportions
  9. Germind - Flows of matter