We Share These Moments

Artist: Sigesmundsen
Title: We Share These Moments
Cat. Nr.: CLCD408DG
Release Date: 24-06-2020
Format: Digital
Style: #Ambient #Drone #Cinematic #Experimental
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release Info:
New release by Sigesmundsen which opens with "Come Home", a vocal nordic electronic ambient featuring the warm hypnotic vocals of Mette Skov. Ending with the atmospheric, relaxing ambience of "We Share These Moments".

  1. Come Home feat. Mette Skov
  2. We Share These Moments
Cover art by Mia Elisabeth Rydell
Mastering by Cosmicleaf
Lyrics of [Come Home]

Laying restless in my bed, 
all the memories in my head,
every touch, every laugh, every smile, every cry
The bed is cold without you here
the house is empty 
my life is dark without you.

I˘ve seen people falling out of love  
but I never thought
it would happen to us

I know i messed up but baby don˘t go,
come here , let me wipe that tear away
it hurts so much to see you cry
I love you so much in every way
all I Can say you belong to me, 
all I Can say I belong to you