Rising Galaxy
  Fear, Cops And Data Brokers

Artist: Rising Galaxy
Title: Fear, Cops And Data Brokers
Cat. Nr.: CLCD481DG
Release Date: 15-01-2021
Format: Digital
Style: #Ambient #Drone #Cinematic #Experimental
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Don't be afraid, step in, join the new dark ambient & drone story of Rising Galaxy through a late night modular manipulation. Deep through inside this shady World of filtering control knobs, there are ghosts of sound in the fog.

  1. Aenaon
  2. Clustered
  3. Data Farm
  4. Drone Surveilance
  5. Invisible Hand Of The Markets
  6. Teargas

All tracks written-mixed by Nikos Betsimeas @ Silent Wagon Studio, Exarchia-Athens Greece.
Mastering by Cosmicleaf
Photography by Kinimatini
Artwork by Takis Stavrou hello @ takartak.com