Le Grand Bleu

Artist: Potlatch
Title: Le Grand Bleu
Cat. Nr.: CLCD050DG
Release Date: 28-09-2012
Format: Digital
Style: #Chillout #Lounge
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release Info:

From Seoul, Potlatch please us once more with 13 top notch chill out and trip hop gems. Forget all your worries and dream for tomorrow with Potlatch¢s chilling touch and the amazing voice of Anne Yang which gives a magic surface in this wonderful electronica. A new chill out delivery by Cosmicleaf Records.  


  1. Unquestionable (With Dj Son)
  2. Ground Poem
  3. Le Grand Bleu (With Anne Yang)
  4. Daydream
  5. Sandstorm (With Anne Yang)
  6. Deep...Alone (With Anne Yang)
  7. Starseeker (With Anne Yang)
  8. Tracing Door Ways (With Anne Yang)
  9. Plant Her (With Anne Yang)
  10. Orbit (With Anne Yang)
  11. Venom (With Anne Yang)
  12. Poll To Poll (With Anne Yang)
  13. Wind Up (With Anne Yang)