Various Artists
  Kineta Lounge

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Kineta Lounge
Cat. Nr.: CLCD122DG
Release Date: 13-07-2015
Format: Digital
Style: #Chillout #Lounge
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Cosmicleaf Records has put together another exquisite collection of sonic chill-pills for your listening pleasure. Make sure you don't forget this compilation this summer when you're packing for the beach. A good book, fresh juice and these tunes in your headphones and you won't even have to go that far. In fact, you could just stay at home all summer and check-in with Cosmicleaf Airlines for all the relaxation your heart desires. This compilation smells of sun-tanned skin and feels like soft, white sand.

  1. Side Liner - Little Whale
  2. Zen Garden - Morning May
  3. Fourth Dimension - Standing Still
  4. Germind - Freediving
  5. Stimulus Timbre - Garden of Rest
  6. Potlatch - Ground poem
  7. Eguana - Kineta Lounge
  8. Triptone - On your shoulder
  9. Zero Cult & Kerensa Stephens - Stars (Smooth Jazz mix)
  10. GMO & Dense_Shell And Seal
  11. Unhappiness - Private Stash
  12. D. Batistatos-Night Diving
  13. Cydelix - Tobacco Juice (feat. Fotis Kostopoulos)
  14. Kick Bong - Je Suis La
  15. Maluns - Glimpse (Guitar by Ramun)
  16. Dedast - Corridors
Compiled by Side Liner