Side Liner
  Last Breath

Artist: Side Liner
Title: Last Breath
Cat. Nr.: CLCD180DG
Release Date: 02-02-2017
Format: Digital
Style: #Chillout #Lounge
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Side Liner delivers a new selection of top-shelve productions on home label Cosmicleaf Records. With his carefully crafted odes to tranquility in the form of delightful modern ambient. An expansive sound universe is created where delicate elements dance together, slowly, confidently. Breathing with plenty of space for light and peace to shine through. As if every breath were the last.

  1. Side Liner - Pebbles
  2. Side Liner - Retrorganic
  3. Side Liner - Children
  4. Side Liner - Thameki
  5. Side Liner - Thousand Thoughts
  6. Side Liner - Anamnisi Remix
  7. Side Liner - In To Pek Rime
  8. Side Liner - Last Angel Calling

All tracks written by Nick Miamis
Vocals on 6,7,8 Nick Miamis
Vocals on 3,5 my lovely daughter Danae in age of 4years.

[Anamnisi Lyrics]
.. ,
...Only with your memory,
the pain subsides...
You have the way,
just show me the place!....

[Last Angel Calling Lyrics]
...Lost in city dreams,
seeking truth I never faced
until today forced me to forget yesterday,
Tomorrow has arrived, and now you are gone...