The Gorge

Artist: Translippers
Title: The Gorge
Cat. Nr.: CLCD534DG
Release Date: 23-06-2021
Format: Digital
Style: #Dub #AmbientDub #Chillout
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Translippers explores deeper the lands of ethnic, world music, bringing in surface rich sound, warm atmospheres, and chill beats. Dub, Bossa Nova grooves, Electronica, Santur, Guitars, Harmonica, a variety of percussions as shakers, guiro, vibraslap, Tibetan bowls, Shakukhati...the harmonic layering of tickling sounds for the ears in his new album The Gorge, are gorg-eous. Top-notch audio quality, at 24bit, 96khz recorded, mixed and mastered.

  1. Bee Bossa
  2. Mezmay Bells
  3. The Gorge
  4. Hazel Mormice
  5. Bamboo Dub
  6. Eagle Ledge
  7. Stellar Threads (The Gorge Version)


Arthur Mustafin - Synths, acoustic guitars (1, 7), electric guitar (1, 2, 5), bass guitar (1, 5),†
mouth harmonica (5), percussion (shakers, guiro, vibraslap), field records.

Anna Bondar - Tibetan bowls (2)

Dmitriy Prynkov - Santur (3)

BambooWay - Shakukhati (1, 6, 7),†
Bamboo percussion taps (5, 7)

All tracks composed and produced by Arthur Mustafin in Translippers Studio (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).
Theme on a santur by Dmitriy Prynkov (3).

Mastering by George Deligianis (Cydelix).

Cover photo by Arthur Mustafin
Design by Arthur Mustafin & Evgeniy Storozhev