Artist: Translippers
Title: Transparency
Cat. Nr.: CLCD346DG
Release Date: 10-02-2020
Format: Digital
Style: #Dub #AmbientDub #Chillout
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Translippers is back with a full new studio DUB-astic album! Sound design that force us to daydream a paradise where sunshine and chill atmosphere is all around, where we spent the day at no stress and we enjoy the night under a sky full of stars. Chill out, World Music, Dub and many other music layers has influenced this solid crystal production. A bliss for the ears.

  1. Sun Temple
  2. Brilliance
  3. Mermaid Tango
  4. CatĘs Whiskers
  5. Highland Tune
  6. The Hidden Kingdom

All tracks written and produced by Arthur Mustafin
Translippers studio (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

(5) by BambooWay - Arthur Mustafin†
(6) by Airat Galeev - Arthur Mustafin

Arthur Mustafin - Synths (1-6), El. Guitar (1,3,4,6)
Additional contribution:†
BambooWay - Shakuhachi (4,5,6)
Airat Galeev - Ac. Guitar (6)

Cover by Kayatma
Mastering by George Deligiannis

Translippers website: