Kick Bong
  Precious Things

Artist: Kick Bong
Title: Precious Things
Cat. Nr.: CLCD627DG
Release Date: 29-01-2022
Format: Digital
Style: #IDM #AmbientDub #Chillout
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release Info:
Precious Things is the new album of French producer Kick Bong, blending influences from electro, rock, psychedelic, darkwave with downtempo electronica. 12 precious things to discover!

  1. Calmed Down
  2. Higher
  3. Mystic Kind (with Arkanna)
  4. Show Me Your World
  5. Precious Things
  6. Robot Revenge
  7. Swaying
  8. Space X (with FMW)
  9. Strange Attraction
  10. Speak To Mind
  11. Jungle
  12. My Little Opera
Written and Produced by Franck Jousselin†
Except Space X with FMW.†
Arkanna vocal and lyrics on Mystic Kind.†
Franck : Drums, synths, vocals and alls.†
Mastering by Cosmicleaf†
Artwork cover : Onam Yahav†
Thanks to Arkanna, FMW, Onam Yahav, Nick.†